Special report by NDTV features PRIME India

25 Aug 2016 - 12:00

The full version of NDTV's Every Life Counts'special feature on perinatal depression in India was recently aired and featured PRIME's work.

The documentary focuses on the high number of women in developing countries suffering from some form of perinatal depression. Worldwide, about 10% of pregnant women and 13% of women who have just given birth, experience a mental disorder – primarily depression.

In developing countries these numbers are even higher. Nearly 16% of pregnant women and nearly 20% of women who have just given birth, face these same challenges. 

In the short documentary Prof Vikram Patel, PRIME Research Director, explains that it's important to examine the high suicide rate for women in India as compared to the same demographic in some West-European countries. He agrees that one of the reasons for this high number could be mental illness, but also cautions that disadvantages based on gender within the larger social context should also be taken into account. 

Every Life Countsalso reports on the PRIME India team's work in Madhya Pradesh, and the development of their District Mental Health Care plan. PRIME India's Principal Investigator, Dr Rahul Shidhaye, explains what the PRIME team has accomplished and why it is important to invest in mental health care, especially for perinatal women. 

View the full special report below: