PRIME qualitative topic guide for formative study: Key informants on district mental healthcare plans

As part of the PRIME formative phase, a qualitative study was carried out with key informants from the selected PRIME districts in Ethiopia, India, Nepal, South Africa and Uganda. The purpose of the qualitative study was to answer the following research questions:

  1. What are the essential components of a district level mental health plan that will meet the needs of people with the priority mental, neurological and substance use disorders in the community?
  2. How could the components of the mental health care plan be implemented in practice to achieve acceptable, feasible, equitable, sustainable and holistic mental health care for persons with selected priority disorders?

The qualitative study was designed to build on and develop the preliminary mental health care plans identified by our baseline syntheses of the evidence base, situation analyses, initial Theory of Change workshops and consultation with the PRIME Community Advisory Boards. The qualitative study findings then fed into further refinement of the mental health care plan.

A combination of in-depth interviews and focus group discussions was carried out with key informants from the community, primary healthcare setting and health service organisation level in the PRIME district.

The topic guide presented here includes both ‘core’ and ‘optional’ cross-country topics. The right-hand column indicates the core respondent group and modality of data collection (for example, “FGD-CO” for “Focus Group Discussion with Community key informant”).

As in PRIME, anybody planning to use the topic guide will need to tailor the topics and probe questions to the particular country context. It is also advised that any qualitative work to inform implementation of scale-up of mental health care is nested in a broader situation analysis and process of community consultation, for example, following the methodology employed by PRIME.

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Any queries about the approach can be directed to Charlotte Hanlon or Mark Tomlinson.

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