Special report presented to UK Houses of Parliament highlights role of mental health care in development

3 Dec 2014 - 12:00

A report prepared by Mary De Silva and Jonty Roland titled “Mental Health for Sustainable Development” was recently launched at the UK Houses of Parliament. The report highlights the importance of mental health care in planning for development and was published by the Global Health and Mental Health All-Party Parliamentary Groups.

It focuses on the impact of mental health problems on society, noting that it accounts for almost 13 percent of the world’s total disease burden, costing some US$2.5 trillion per year, but that the actual amount invested in treating it is a mere fraction of that. It also explains that mental illness causes more disability than any other health condition, whilst also having a significant impact on the families and communities of those affected.

Vikram Patel gave oral evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Groups and PRIME is highlighted in the report as the UK Department for International Development’s most notable contribution to global mental health.

It is hoped that the UK government and parliament will engage the report and implement its recommendations.

For the full report and infographic click here