PRIME receives 2-year extension

1 Apr 2017 - 12:00

We are excited to announce that DFID has awarded us additional funding to continue PRIME for an additional two years. This is in line with the growing global consensus and commitment to addressing mental health as a priority health and development policy issue such as the adoption of 2013 the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Mental Health Action Plan and the inclusion of mental health targets in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in 2015.

We will use these two additional years of PRIME to focus specifically on the three aspects below:

  1. Data analysis and publication 
    PRIME will be focusing on the analysis and dissemination of the large volume of data we are collecting.
  2. Refining intervention packages, further scale up and quality improvement (QI)
    PRIME's ultimate goal is to synthesize the substantial lessons of implementation it has learnt to produce a refined mental healthcare plan which can be scaled up to other districts, reaching many thousands more individuals living with depression (including maternal depression), psychosis, epilepsy and alcohol use disorders.
  3. Research uptake and policy influence
    PRIME will make use of our established policy partnerships and networks, including through our WHO partner, to maximise the national, regional and global policy impact of our research. This will include technical support to the PRIME countries to scale up to other districts, as well as to other countries, beyond the PRIME network, that wish to scale up their services.