PRIME Ethiopia holds CAG Meeting

1 Jun 2018 - 11:15

PRIME Ethiopia recently held a community advisory board meeting in Ethiopia's Sodo district. Many delegates from across the Sodo District attended the event. Officials from the Federal Ministry of Health as well as the zonal and district health office were present.

Addis Ababa University (AAU) research and technology transfer director, Prof Zerihun Woldu, School of Medicine Dean, Dr Daniel Seifu, AAU as well as AAU community service officers were also present in the meeting. The challenges and opportunities of integrating as well as sustaining mental health care in the district were discussed, with much to learn from the experience of PRIME.

Four mental health service users, together with their caregivers, shared their experiences of accessing mental healthcare at nearby health facilities.

The Sodo District administration and Sodo District health offices were both recognised for their great collaboration efforts in integrating and sustaining mental health services. Dr Abebaw Fekadu, Dr Girmay Medhin and Sister Medhin Selamu from the PRIME project were also recognised for their vital contributions to expanding mental health care in the district.